I'm Lee ๐Ÿ‘‹ , and I help students cram for accounting exams.

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I host 2-3 hour Test Prep sessions over Zoom the week of each of your exams. These cover everything you'll need to know to ace it.

ACCY 202 (Ch. 12-14) Test Prep:
Tuesday, Sept 20th from 6-9PM

ACCY 201: Test 1 Cram Package is LIVE!

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ACCY 202 (Exam 1) drops on Monday, Sept 19th at 12PM!

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In 2017, I earned Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Accountancy from Ole Miss with a 3.75 GPA.I passed on corporate jobs (who needs one, right?) to take the plunge into tutoring instead. After working with 1000+ students, I'm certified hooked.It bring me immense joy to see y'all use my content to ace exams and live your best life.I wish you the best of luck in your course!
- Lee
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Other things you can find me doing:
โ†’ teaching Ole Miss Entrepreneurship courses
โ†’ managing Quickbooks for small businesses
โ†’ playing drums at gigs all over the world (yep, your tutor is also a drummer! @grooveginger)